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Sumela Monastery

This monastery, located in Maçka district of Trabzon, is one of the oldest structures of history. It is situated on the Zigana Mountain feet. The structure is constructed in quite difficult places in terms of nature. Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary) (Panagia) River flows from feet of the structure. There are legends about construction of the monastery. It is believed that it was constructed by two Athenian priests named Barnabas and Sophronios. These two priests dreamed about Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary to be where Sümela is located. These two priests, who hit the road without knowing about each other, told their dream to each other and laid the foundations of the monastery.The original name of the monastery is Meryem Ana (Virgin Mary) Monastery. Sümela is the Greek name. It is estimated to have been completed in around AD 395. Trabzon Greek Emperor, Alexios III contributed to its construction, which was performed during his era. For this reason, it is evidenced in the work that it was founded by Alexios III. The most important aspect that makes Sümela valuable to Christians is the picture of Virgin Mary. It is believed that portrait of the Virgin Mary drawn by Saint Lukas, one of the disciples of the Jesus, reached here with the priests establishing the monastery. However, no such portrait has been found to date. Transportation to the monastery is achieved by vehicles to a certain point. Then a path is followed through a forest. One can reach the monastery after going up the long and narrow stairs. 

Long Lake

Being 99 km far from Trabzon and 19 km from Çaykara district and located at an altitude of 1090 m from sea level, Uzungöl surpasses the beauty of the Alps with its steep hills and magnificent forest cover. The lake, which is in the middle of the valley and which was formed when rocks falling from slopes blocked the front of Haldizen Brook is known as “Uzungöl” and its vicinity is named after it. Especially the old wooded houses of "Şerah" village, which are constructed in harmony with the region, complement the beauty of the nature. Attracting interest of both foreign and domestic tourists, Uzungöl is very rich in terms of the touristic potential it has. In the vicinity, it is possible to organize trekking, bird observation and botanic tours as well as tours to lakes among the high mountains or such other plateaus as Şekersu, Demirkapı and Yaylaönü. In terms of wildlife, various animal species live on the mountains around Uzungöl such as bear, wolf, wild goat, fox, and Caucasian mountain rooster. The lake, which is formed on the Valley of Haldizen River as a result of closing of the river bed in the form of a natural dam as a consequence of landslide, exhibits an attractive landscape with the spruce forests surrounding it. 

Hagia Sophia 

It is a monastery church built in 1250-1260 by King Manuel I (1238-1263) from Kommmenos family, who fled from İstanbul after it was conquered by the Latin and founded a new state in Trabzon in 1204. The name "Hagia Sofia" (Turkish: Ayasofya) means "Sacred Wisdom". Being one of the best examples of late Byzantine Churches, has a square-cross layout and a high dome. It has 3 porched beams in the north, west and south. The main dome is covered with various vaults, the roof is provided with different heights and the structure is covered with tiles. Being an important church in the period up to conquest of the region by the Ottomans, Hagia Sofia preserved its importance and continued operating after this date. However, as necessity arose, it was converted to a mosque and was restored in 1864. Hagia Sofia bears importance as a monument of arts history as well as its historical importance with its long historical background, central layout, high drum dome, circular and polygonal abscissas, fantastic porticos, stonemasonry and frescos.

Atatürk Mansion

The building, located on Soğuksu hills that command Trabzon, within pine woods, was constructed as a summer house in 1890 by Kostantin Kabayanidis. In the building which bears impacts of Europe and West Renaissance architecture, big and glamorous European symbols were used.Exterior of the mansion demonstrates stone masonry while the interior exhibits timberwork. Affected by the same trend, floors are covered with tiles of the period. Atatürk was hosted in this mansion, which is arranged as Trabzon Museum today, when he honoured Trabzon for the first time with his visit on 15-17 September 1924. During the two nights he spent in the mansion happily, as he himself expressed, he witnessed a formation which will never be forgotten and set an example both for people of Trabzon and Turkish history. The museum exhibits 344 works of ethnographical nature including furniture, porcelain products, carpets etc. and paintings owned by Atatürk.

Sera Lake

Sera Lake is a landslide dammed lake located within the borders of Akçaabat District of Trabzon. It is situated in Yıldızlı Region, which was formerly named Sera, on the Sera Brook to the west of Trabzon. The lake was formed when big rocks breaking away from the slopes of Derecik Valley blocked the valley bottom as a result of excessive rainfall. It reached it final shape in eighteen days and the people of the region witnessed formation of a lake themselves. Being a wonder of nature, Sera Lake is one of the most touristic sites of Trabzon. 

Çal Cave

Located within the borders of Düzköy District of Trabzon, Çal Cave is one of the important points of the city in terms of tourism. It is situated within Çalköy Region, which has the same name, and a small brook flows within the cave. This cave, which is definitely included in the itinerary of visitors of Trabzon, is accepted as the second longest cave in the world. Air moves freely in the cave. Being known to help fight asthma and sinusitis, the cave is a must-see in Trabzon.


Hamsikoy is one of the most important locations situated in the mountains of Zigana in Trabzon. The place has gained a reputation for rice pudding.After seeing the Zigana pass at the top of the village of  Hamsikoy than having a rice pudding is the ritual to be done here.Also, every year Rice Pudding Festival is held in August in Hamsikoy.
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