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Bride Bath & Henna
Either traditional or modern …

You will feel yourself and make your guests feel themselves like sultans with the bride bath menu prepared exclusively for you as well as traditional cushions that will be designed as you wish, music group, and dancers in our SPA centre where you can experience the bath concept of Ottoman palaces in the most modern manner.

Bride bath is a tradition dating back to the Ottoman era. However, such factors as modernization and urban life have made it dissapear. In those times, henna would be applied to the bride and she would be given the opportunity to have fun with her relatives for the last time for a good marriage. We are waiting for you to revive this tradition.

While men get together with their friends before getting married, women also join entertainment in Turkish baths. Those coming to the bride bath are provided with soap, loincloth, towel and washing gloves that are prepared exclusively for themselves and do not have to bring anything with them. Our guests, who accompany the bride with the candles and henna in their hands with their loincloths on, can get relaxed after the foam and bath glove ritual with a massage given by our masseuses. We aim to make you have unforgettable fun and host you with a happy memory on your first step in marriage.

First step into marriage: Henna night!
Live your henna night differently, specially, unforgettably and elegantly …

It is in your hands to experience your Wedding Bath entertainment in Ottoman concept by shaking off stress and having fun as you wish like sultans…

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